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Home Trends Heart Shape Waffle Maker

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Chef's Choice 830 WafflePro Heart Waffle Iron

by Chef's Choice Kitchen Electrics
List price: $70.00 Price: $50.12 Buy Now

  • Cooks individual waffles
  • Fast or deep bake settings
  • Nonstick cooking surface needs no oil

Product description

Waffle making has never been easier with Chef's Choice WafflePro. Engineered in Germany, the waffle maker comes equipped with a plethora of features; it can bake within 90 seconds, allows for waffle color selection, and alerts you with a beeper when baking is complete. The entire unit stores upright, and the cord can be hidden for aesthetics. Heating is consistent, which results in superior, even baking, and the included non-stick griddle is easy to clean and maintain. The waffles are shaped into five heart-shaped segments; very cute and fun to make.

9-3/4" L x 7" W x 3" H

Take the guesswork out of cooking waffles once and for all with Edgecraft's Chef's Choice WafflePro. It beeps when the waffle is ready, making it easy to never overcook or undercook another waffle again. The WafflePro has settings for "crisp exterior/moist interior" and "uniform texture," and a color control dial, as well as a cooking surface that needs no oil. Best of all, this chrome and black compact waffle maker saves space, as its cord clips neatly under the base and the whole unit stores upright. It's wonderful for busy family kitchens where you need to make waffles as fast as they can be eaten. --David Drury

ZZ WF361 5 in 1 Heart Waffle Maker with Non-Stick Plate 1100-Watt, Silver

by Z&Z Inc.
Price: $33.99 Buy Now

  • Cord wraps under the base for compact storage
  • Stainless steel top cover; Easy-open cool touch handle with lock
  • Non-stick and Scratch-resistant Quantanium cooking surface is easy-clean-up

Product description

ZZ WF361 Waffle Maker is a perfect tool for someone who wants to make waffles quickly at home.

• Easy-clean-up: Non-stick and Scratch-resistant Quantanium cooking surface is easy-clean-up.

• Light Indication: Power on & pre-heat lights let you know when the power is on and it's ready to cook.

• Cord Warp: It offers a cord wrap feature on bottom for easy compact, storage in upright position to save space.

• Browning Control: It features browning control function set a perfect temperature for waffle.

• Warranty: Manufacturer Warranty for 365 days from date of purchase.


• Product Dimension: 11.9 x 8.9 x 4.6 inches

• Item Weight: 4.1 Pounds

• Input Voltage: 110V-120V

• Power Comsuption: 1090W

• Waffle Shape: Heart

Packing List:

• 1 x waffle maker

• 1 x manual book

• 1 x warranty card

The most helpful tips: How to make delicious waffles?

We recommend to cook golden brown and fluffy waffles with heat setting #3. The heat setting #4 or #5 is better for cooking brown and crispy waffles.
- Pre-heat process: Until the green light shut off
- Pour the batter onto the center of the lower plate and then close the lid
- Allow it to heat for 3~5 minutes
- Enjoy it

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Spray the waffle iron and heat up before adding eggs and the ingredients. Cook for two to three minutes before shutting off the heat and adding to a plate. Heart-shaped hard-boiled eggs: Cut apart a milk carton and fold it in half length-wise. Take a


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place around that served Warsteiner draft beer. We served it in these insane pilsner glasses that had a small base, and a V shaped vessel, causing them to be a bit top heavy and difficult to balance. The dude was so nice and so happy about his

Waffle Maker By Gourmet Gadgetry- Bake 5 mini heart shaped waffles or one large waffle in minutes!


Watch Lisa Scott from Gourmet Gadgetry demonstrate just how easy it is to make perfect heart shaped waffles in less than 6 minutes with the Gourmet Gadgetry .


Will It Waffle?

Will It Waffle?

Published by Workman Publishing 2014

ISBN 9780761183181,0761183183
208 pages

How many great ideas begin with a nagging thought in the middle of the night that should disappear by morning, but doesn’t? For Daniel Shumski, it was: Will it waffle? Hundreds of hours, countless messes, and 53 perfected recipes later, that answer is a resounding: Yes, it will! Steak? Yes! Pizza? Yes! Apple pie? Emphatically yes. And that’s the beauty of being a waffle iron chef—waffling food other than waffles is not just a novelty but an innovation that leads to a great end product, all while giving the cook the bonus pleasure of doing something cool, fun, and vaguely nerdy (or giving a reluctant eater—your child, say—a great reason to dig in). Waffled bacon reaches perfect crispness without burned edges, cooks super fast in the two-sided heat source, and leaves behind just the right...

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Euro-Cuisine Heart Shape Waffle Maker WM520 - 5 x Heart Waffle

Home & Outdoor

The 8inch heart Shape waffle maker from Euro-Cuisine with Eco Friendly non-stick ceramic coating (PTFE and PFOA Free Non Stick Plates) makes five heart shape waffle at a time. Accommodate a variety of batters and shades. The Adjustable setting lets you control the cooking process and gives you the precision you need to make perfect waffles.


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Red Metallic Heart Shape Waffle Maker

Home & Outdoor

Put your heart out on the table with the Kalorik Heart-Shape Waffle Maker. Make perfect, heart-shaped, waffles the easy way! Pour your favorite waffle batter onto the plates and close the lid?in minutes, you will have 5 heart-shaped waffles that are ready to serve. Equipped with an adjustable temperature control knob, you can cook your waffles to perfection?make them as soft or as crispy as you would like. The waffle maker?s nonstick heating plates allow for easy cleaning and its cord-wrap feature allows for hassle-free storage. Additionally, the unit can be stored upright, saving you space. Easy to use, clean, and store, the Kalorik Heart-Shape Waffle Maker is ideal for holidays, celebrations, or whenever you are craving a fun and delicious treat to share!


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Who needs fancy kitchen gadgets when you get everything done with a single waffle iron? The creative geniuses behind cooking website Chef Steps spend a day experimenting with a waffle iron, creating all sorts of food which you wouldn't think could be made ...

A Point of View: The awful truth about how dispensable we are - 06/21/15, via BBC

I put on a very good show - watching the heart-shaped waffle iron until it beeped, slapping the spatula down warily on its shining aluminium front, calling the children to the table and then producing the waffles. Then just a couple of weeks ago ...

Ruth Taber: 'Will It Waffle?' - New cookbook packed with savory and sweet ways to make use of a waffle iron - 05/20/15, via El Paso Times

The basic electric waffle iron appearance remained the same over the years; different shapes popped up — heart, flower and assorted logo shapes, even a grid shaped like the state of Texas. But the waffles themselves — thin or thick — were similar.


  1. Amazon.com: heart-shaped waffle maker Product Description... The 8inch heart Shape waffle maker from Euro-Cuisine with Eco Friendly ...
  2. Kalorik Black Heart-shaped Waffle Maker - Overstock ... Shop for Kalorik Black Heart-shaped Waffle Maker. Buy Now and Save at Overstock - Your Online Kitchen & Dining Outlet Store! Get 5% in rewards with Club O!
  3. Belgian Waffle Iron | Heart Shaped Waffle Maker Commercial waffle maker for Belgian Waffles or Heart shaped waffles or Professional Cast iron Belgian Waffle Iron for Heart Shaped Waffles
Funky Monkey
Funky Monkey
168/365 Amy got me this little monkey and a box of chocolates with a monkey for Valentine's Day. She actually got me a waffle maker that makes heart shaped waffles, but when it we rescheduled for delivery, she felt the need to rush out and get me this backup gift. How nice is that? Strobist: The stuffed monkey is lit with a Canon 430ex II snooted with a beer coozy snoot. It was at 1/8 power and 50mm zoom. The box of chocolates is lit with a Vivitar 285hv with a gridded snoot at 1/4 power. Both were triggered with a Cactus V4.
Photo by Josh Kenzer on Flickr
waffle and maker
waffle and maker
First belgian waffle (ever!) made on the waffle maker Kate lent me. Waffle recipe courtesy of Ultra B on allrecipes brunch.allrecipes.com/az/Wffls.asp?tsrc=ef
Photo by eraine on Flickr
Waffles and maple syrup mmmm
Waffles and maple syrup mmmm
I've got an amazing heart shaped waffle maker - I thought you needed to know that!
Photo by Rain Rabbit on Flickr
Heart-Shaped Waffle Maker
Heart-Shaped Waffle Maker
Waffle Maker Heart Shape [waffle maker]
Waffle Maker Heart Shape [waffle maker]
Heart Shape Waffle Maker ...
Heart Shape Waffle Maker ...
Image by pinterest.com

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