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Silicone Oven Rack Burn Protector, High Heat Resistant, Prevent Nasty Arm and Wrist Burns, Food Grade, by Kitchen Smart Ideas, Set of 2, 5 Color Variations (Red)

by Kitchen Smart Ideas
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  • MONEYBACK GUARANTEE - We are confident that Kitchen Smart Ideas - Oven Rack Burn Protector will serve you for long time to your highest satisfaction because of our superior product quality. But if there is any issue, we offer money back, no questions asked
  • 100 % SAFE - These food contact safe 14'' (36 cm) long Oven Rack Burn Protectors come in set of 2, so you can cover both of your oven racks, from side to side, in most conventional or toaster oven models
  • 5 DIFFERENT COLORS - Comes in 5 color variants - Red, Blue, Grey, Black and Green, so it fits almost any style of kitchen

Product description

  • Everybody knows it. You are in a hurry to prepare perfect Sunday's dinner and you don't know where your head is. All it takes is just a little careless moment when checking on your delicious meal and you accidentally touch hot oven rack with your bare skin. Ouch! Yet another scar on your nurtured and beautiful hand. But no more! With our
OVEN RACK BURN PROTECTOR , you don't have to worry anymore!
  • Withstands temperatures up to 430 Fahrenheit (220 °C), so you can basically leave it on your baking rack the whole time except when cleaning
  • Easy to cut by scissors or knife so you can fit it in any conventional oven or toaster oven
  • We are using double vulcanizing process to avoid any smell and odor
  • 100 % food grade silicone
  • Best accessory for your baking matt, oven liner or grill matt
  • Do not forget to use protection, such as oven mitts or cooking gloves when reaching into a hot oven as the dishes and plates will still be hot
WHAT OTHERS SAY ABOUT OUR BURN PROTECTOR "Where were these 20 years ago? A definite must for any baker or avid oven user." - GearHead Threadz "I can't tell you how many times I've burned myself trying to fish a heavy 8x8 Pyrex casserole dish out of the oven. No more with these little guys" - Msmugler "Brilliant!!! ... What a great idea!!! This thing is wonderful!!! Having burnt my arm too many times to count, I *NEEDED* these" - Crystal

Non Stick Oven Spill Guard Oven Liner Mat. Oven Spills, Food Drippings Fall on Oven Liner - Not on Oven Floor. Forget Scrubbing Cleaning Messy Ovens. Re-sizable. By Perfect Life Ideas (2 Pieces)

by Perfect Life Ideas
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  • KEEPS OVEN CLEAN FROM FOOD SPILLS AND SPLATTERS. Keep your oven clean from spills and splatters. Simply place the liner on the bottom of your oven or toaster oven before use. Place baking pan or dish directly above the oven liner or spill guard and bake. No more scrubbing of baked-on residue.
  • 2 PCS SET. PREVENT OVEN CLEANING. Oven liner to protect foods and drips from falling onto oven floors that are messy and hard to clean. Non-Stick Surface Wipes Clean and Easy. No more bending down on the floor to clean a messy oven bottom. You have better things to do in life than have to spend time to clean oven spills by simply using this nonstick cooking liner.
  • RE-USABLE AND RESIZEABLE. CUT TO SIZE IF NEEDED. Reusable and durable, tear resistant construction. Each size if 17.5 x 13 inches. Can be cut and resized as desired. Oven Spill Guard Mat is thin, flexible and better than a baking sheet or cookie sheet as it can be cleaned very easily by just wiping off or rinsing with soap and water and then wiping off. Clean Oven Spills not by cleaning oven floors, but by cleaning this nonstick oven spill guard, nonstick oven liner.

Product description

End Messy Oven Floors from Food Spills and Splatters - FOREVER.

Use these non-stick oven liners, oven spill guard non-stick cooking liner to make cleaning oven spills simple and easy, and keep your oven clean and free from spills and splatters that are messy and a pain to clean. Simply place the liner on the bottom of your oven or toaster before use. Place the dish or pan on the rack directly above the nonstick spill guard and bake.

Re-sizable, can be cut to size. Cleans Quick and Easy.

The splatter and spill on the liner can be cleaned easily using soap and warm water. Reusable and durable tear resistant for use over and over again. Can be re-sized and cut to desired size if needed. Heat resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit for most cooking and baking needs. Perfect baking supplies solutions for you baking and cooking needs when baking muffins, cupcakes, cookies, cakes, and more.

Save the Environment. End using toxic cleaning chemicals to clean oven.

After using, wipe down with a wet cloth or sponge, wash with soap and regular water or with warm water. No need to use harsh and toxic chemicals that can hurt the environment. Keep the earth cleaner and safer. Conveniently size sheets will fit most oven racks or bottoms. Can be re-sized and cut to desired size if needed. The non-stick oven cooking liner is better than baking sheets, cookie sheets, and non-stick silicone mats, as it is thin and flexible, and can be easily cut and cleaner. The thin sheet makes handling it much easier, especially when cleaning.

We Guarantee Your Satisfaction One Hundred Percent.

Get the non-stick oven liners and reduce the pain of cleaning cumbersome oven messes.

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Pop It in the Toaster Oven

Pop It in the Toaster Oven

Published by Clarkson Potter 2010

ISBN 0609807684,9780609807682
240 pages

Are you pressed for time, too tired to cook just for yourself, or simply looking for something beyond a microwaved frozen meal or take-out food loaded with fat, salt, and preservatives? Busy people want a real oven-baked dinner without all the fuss (not to mention the leftovers!). The solution? The trusty toaster oven—which is designed to bake, roast, toast, and broil small portions of food both efficiently and economically. This amazing cookbook will show time-pressed cooks how to prepare delicious, healthy meals quickly and easily, while opening their eyes to the wide range of dishes that are possible with this often underutilized appliance. Pop It in the Toaster Oven will inspire any bored eater to break out of the toast function with recipes such as Buttermilk Pancakes, Minted Lamb...

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Nesco Toaster - Toast - Cream, Chrome Gray

Home & Outdoor

Nesco Toaster - Toast - Cream, Chrome Gray


Dremel® 3D20-01 Idea Builder 3D Printer

Power Tools

With just this one tool the size of a toaster oven, you can cook up an astounding variety of three-dimensional objects. Whether for practical items or for decorative accents, the Dremel Idea Builder 3D Printer will faithfully render whatever you ask of it. Mock up furniture prototypes for customers, print out a custom dust collection adapter, create jig parts, templates, knobs, shop trays, organizers, new inventions-the potential is nearly limitless. While the 3D printer quietly hums away, you can carry on with your woodworking or whatever else you please. With the on-board software and color touchscreen, you can even print items without a computer attached. The resolution of the Dremel Idea Builder can be adjusted from 100-300 microns (0.10-0.30mm) per layer. The higher the resolution, the thinner each layer will be, and the better your object will look; the lower the resolution, the more quickly the object will print. Setup is simple-just plug it in and you're ready to build! Features: Easy-to-use onboard software for simple customization of 3D models Fully enclosed design with a closable door to keep out dust and prying fingers Door also stabilizes temperature for optimal build, and reduces noise May be operated without a computer if needed Full-color touchscreen lets you choose and preview models, start, stop, pause and more Builds models in layers as thin as a sheet of paper-a best-in-class 100 microns (0.10mm) thick Active cooling fan helps to evenly cool filament and reduce warping Pre-installed extruder provides fast setup right out of the box Grippy feet provide stability UL certified to ensure safety


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Our Kitchen
Our Kitchen
Our kitchen is small, but functional. Lots of storage space in cabinets, a good sized refridgerator/freezer, a sink and 2 burner stove. We opted to not get the default microwave in preference for additional storage space. Instead, we bought a small toaster oven for baking. We also used the brilliant idea from our friends and fellow Oliver owners - Sherry & Paul - of using suction cut bins to organize kitchen plates, spices, etc. So far, they've worked beautifully.
Photo by Serolynne on Flickr
Bacon cheese encrusted filet
Bacon cheese encrusted filet
I wanted a crust for some meat I was cooking tonight and had seen Michael Smith's Kitchen earlier this week and used an idea from there. I took two rashers of bacon, cut them into bits and fried them crisp. I took a whole wheat English muffin and made crumbs from it in my blender. I took about 2oz of old cheddar cheese and cubed it. I tossed the cheese and the bacon bits and the bacon fat into the blender with the crumbs and gave it a good mix. I pan fried the meat until almost done, then put it onto a rack with the crust topping into my toaster oven for 10 minutes at 350*. This ten minutes finished the meat and turned the topping into a crust. I deglazed the pan with red wine and a bit of cream. The beans were blanched and then quickly tossed in a garlic butter sauce. The potato was just a basic baked potato.
Photo by gibsonsgolfer on Flickr
Back to Reality
Back to Reality
Oh man. After 3 weeks of having fun it's back to real life. We were still staying at Kim's aunt and uncle's and had most everything we owned still waiting for us to be cleaned. Here's our toaster oven. It looks a little wet but I don't know whether this is before or after I tried to clean it. Needless to say, we threw it out along with a bunch of other appliances. We didn't even know if they still worked but they wouldn't come clean and we really didn't like the idea of cooking all that soot into our food. The tally for damages goes higher.
Photo by Travis S. on Flickr
Under cabinet toaster oven ideas
Under cabinet toaster oven ideas
Images Of Kitchen Aid Toaster Oven For Kitchen Appliances Design Ideas ...
Images Of Kitchen Aid Toaster Oven For Kitchen Appliances Design Ideas ...
All Products / Kitchen / Small Kitchen Appliances / Toaster Ovens
All Products / Kitchen / Small Kitchen Appliances / Toaster Ovens
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