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Cool Coffee Mug, Handmade Wood Coffee/Tea Cup 11 OZ with Spoon for Men/Women, Best Eco-friendly Wood Gifts(1, Black)

by Worldwood
Price: $15.99 Buy Now

  • Safe and Comfortable in Use: jujube wood with a heart handle,insulation function, thoughtful design are only for you. they are suitable for kids, adults,couples and parents, creating a safe and comfortable life for your family.
  • Size:The size is 3.3 inch (wide) * 4.3 inch (height) cm; Volume:11 OZ
  • Superior Quality: All our products comply with strict health and safety regulations in terms of craftsmanship and material selection. it could give you an unusual and high quality life.

Product description

The birthday gift,holiday gift or visit gift for your friends, parents, and couples.the best choice for your coffee , A sweet and fragrant morning and afternoon coffee could perk you up all the day.
Simple but elegant design ,wood insulated, Nice natural texture and ecological beauty.durable and reusable jujube material, starting your safe and simple life now.

Eco-friendly Material: jujube wood.
3.3 inch (wide) * 4.3 inch (height),Volume:11OZ.
TWO colors you can make your choice,black and red.

NOTE: maintenance:
1.No high temperature,you can't put it in microwave.
2.Avoid directly sunlight.
3.PLEASE DON'T soak it too long.
4.After using it,you need to dry and wipe it cleanly.

Important Information for you.
Seller quality Warranty Description:
The warranty would not apply to the following situation:
1.The Damage results from undue ware&tear, misuse, improper installation or operation.
2.The damage results from the intent of doing mischief or harm.

Package including
single group, Coffee Cup *1, Stirrer&Spoon*1
Double group, Coffee Cup *2, Stirrer&Spoon *2

Please contact with us freely if you need us, we will help you anytime.

Thumbs Up! Mugga Mug

by Thumbs Up UK
Price: $8.40 Buy Now

  • Measures 3.15-Inch tall by 3.74-Inch tall by 4.33-Inch wide
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Quality ceramic mug

Product description

It quite hard to take this guy's hard crime cover at face value when he is so handy in the kitchen. His cute balaclava will even keep your hot drink hotter for longer! Not just great as a gift for your quirky friends, the Mugga Mug would be the perfect addition to your own mug collection.

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Brunching about: Tala Bistro 07/27/15, via alloveralbany

The only problem with this perspective is that you can miss out on some interesting places that are still locally owned. An example of We appreciated that it was not too hot when being served and that the coffee mugs offered substantial portions

At the Galleries: Door County galleries and museums 07/29/15, via Green Bay Press Gazette

Featuring unique, handwoven, gold and silver jewelry of owner and resident artist Angela Lensch in her turn-of-the-century log cabin gallery. . Photography by Steven and Arlene Stanger and coffee cups in multiple media by Kris Franzke. 8 a.m. to 3 p

Cool coffee mugs keychains(Polymer Clay) / Padrísimos llaveros en forma de taza(Arcilla Polimérica)


: http://goo. gl/BS0EN7 ☆ PAGINA WEB Y PLANTILLAS: http://www. elartedepau. com ☆ FB OFICIAL:.


The Unusual Life of Tristan Smith

The Unusual Life of Tristan Smith

Published by Penguin UK 2015

ISBN 9780857976468,085797646X
432 pages

Severely afflicted, doomed never to be taller than three foot six, Tristan Smith faces death and danger from the first moment of his energetic and ambitious life. Here, for the first time, is the truth about him, from his birth in the Republic of Efica in the year 371 to the present day. When he goes on trial for multiple offences in Voorstand, a nation of rampaging global dominance, Tristan must plead his case to the very culture that has done for his own. Peter Carey's piercing allegory of imperialism is unmatched for originality and inventiveness.

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Billboards are the reason Wall Drug Store exists. Back in the 1930s, when the Hustead family was trying and failing to eke out a living running a small drugstore in the tiny town of Wall, Dorothy Hustead had a flash of inspiration: They would give out free ice water, and they would advertise it... The ride through South Dakota, in the summer, is long and hot, and the promise of a cool drink brought customers. Ice, too, was something of a luxury. "When they first started operating free water, they were cutting the ice in the winter, and storing the blocks of ice between layers of sawdust in an ice house," says Rick Hustead, Dorothy's grandson and the current chairman of Wall Drug. "When my dad was little, he had an ice wagon, and he would take blocks of ice and sell them to people to put in their ice box. The billboards kept the drug store in business, doing well enough, even, to expand to a bigger space in the 1940s. But it wasn't until 1951, when Bill Hustead, Rick's father, returned home as a registered pharmacist that Wall Drug started growing... Hitchhiking during the war, Bill would tell his rides he was from Wall, and they'd recognize it, as the home of "that little drug store with all those signs. " But Bill wanted the business to be better than a little drug store, to be something spectacular. "Bill had a vision for the drug store," Rick Hustead says. "That people, when they stop at Wall Drug, they won't be disappointed. Today, Wall Drug is no longer a little drug store with a lot of signs. It's the ultimate rest stop, where you can get coffee, donuts, buffalo burgers, cowboy boots, cheesy Western paraphernalia, and, yes, ice water. You can sit on a rabbit-deer hybrid called a jackalope, pose as a pioneer, or visit with a dinosaur. But the first secret of Wall Drug is still the billboards. In the summer, the day at Wall Drug begins with cooks coming in at 4:30 a. m. to start making Wall Drug donuts, and the other food the store will serve that day. There is still a drug store at Wall Drug, but it's one of the quieter corners of the business. "Travelers, when they come to Wall Drug, they want to be able to get something to eat," says Hustead. "They want clean restrooms. Maybe do a little shopping. Wall Drug is an experience. A tour might start in the restaurant. It seats 530 people, and it serves simple food, with a twist: Hot beef sandwiches are popular. so are buffalo burgers. One unusual attraction of the restaurant is that it's hung with a collection of more than 300 original paintings, worth millions of dollars, by Western artists including Andrew Standing Soldier, Harvey Dunn, and N. C. Wyeth. Bill Hustead had good taste: he bought most of the art before it was worth as much as it is today. "We couldn't put together today the collection we have," says Rick Hustead. "Bill was kind of drugstore cowboy. He had a taste for it. ". Bill Hustead also felt very strongly about the donuts. he bought a donut machine. ) He told Rick that Wall Drug could never run out of donuts—that Wall would always offer free coffee and free donuts to military veterans, and, for that reason, they would always need them on hand. In total, Wall Drug's total sales rang in at $12 million last year, Hustead says. $3 million of that came from the restaurant's gross sales. * But it's one of the hardest parts of the complex to run. "One of the things that has driven us crazy this year is trying to find enough donut flour," says Hustead. Their supplier had a hard time getting ahold of it. "You'd think getting those things would be simple. Most people who stop at Wall Drug spend a fair bit of time in the backyard, and take lots and lots of pictures. There's a covered wagon to ride in, a mini model of Mount Rushmore. and those brightly painted boards that you can stick your face in and become a pioneer or stereotypically head-dressed Indian. The two main attractions of the backyard, though, are the giant jackalope and the T-rex. "The T-Rex, really, he's a standalone attraction," says Hustead. "People go to see the T-Rex, and that's mainly what we got him for. " In the summer, every 12 minutes, he rises his head up and roars. it's exactly how you'd expect a mechanical T-rex in the middle of South Dakota to perform. The jackalope, on the other hand, is both delightful and uncanny. It is an unusually tall.

Source: Atlas Obscura - Latest Articles and Places

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You Are the Cream in my Coffee - July 2011 - Or is it Tagliatelle?
You Are the Cream in my Coffee - July 2011 - Or is it Tagliatelle?
Dinner for 4 tonight as our son and his girlfriend were with us for the weekend. As this is a somewhat special event then we had to celebrate it with something unusual, namely, pudding or in this case, strawberries and cream. Some people, I'm sure think a meal is incomplete with a sweet of some kind but as a Type 1 Diabetic for coming up 50 years they do not feature much on our menu. If they do it must be Christmas. The wife prepares a Xmas Pudding complete with custard, white sauce or brandy butter. I look at it fondly for a few seconds before eating the custard and passing on the rest. Trust me, I am the only person in the room to have made that much effort as the wife and kids can't stand the stuff. For some reason the wife, knowing this from years of experience, still persists in presenting an Xmas Pudding each year for us to reject and it's not just us as the dogs turned their noses up as well. She proudly states "It's Traditional" to which we reply "Bah,...
Mansion MugPhlute Sale
Mansion MugPhlute Sale
I will be participating in a one day sale (one afternoon, actually) at the Belmont Mansion on the campus of Belmont University: alumni.belmont.edu/events/event_details.asp?id=84032 This will be the first showing of the original MugPhlutes. There are about a dozen of these items that will be up for sale...if I can only determine a fair price for unusual mugs that combine a functioning whistle and a faux horn with a 'character' in the bell of the horn. All mugs are hand built (pinch pots) using a porcelain-like (B-mix) clay and high-fired in a gas kiln that employs a soda-vapor style of glazing. Wish me luck. The REAL pottery that will be featured is the amazing work of my son, Matt Chenoweth...just so you know. www.flickr.com/photos/chenoweth/2901324407/
Photo by Paul Chenoweth on Flickr
Monthly Assignment for March 2007 - "Mundane" As photographers, we are drawn to the unusual, the interesting, the unique. This month, go against those instincts and document an element of your daily life--capture what made March 2007 like February 2007 and (presumably) April 2007, not what made it different. Restriction: No self-portraits unless you're looking in a mirror--this is your life, through your eyes. Post-processing should be confined to the sorts of things you might do in a darkroom without too much trouble (cropping, tweaking the colour balance and contrast, burning or dodging areas of your shot, etc.). Dares: * Capture something of what makes your daily ritual both ordinary and specific to you. Do you drink your morning coffee from a special mug? Brush your teeth for precisely two minutes? If so, show us! * Create a photo essay, and post the best shot as your submission for the assignment. WIA: Like a lot of fellow Melbournites, I love my coffee and...
Photo by RavenFire on Flickr
20 Creative And Unique Coffee Mugs
20 Creative And Unique Coffee Mugs
Most Unusual Coffee Mugs
Most Unusual Coffee Mugs
Image by funylool.com
Image by pinterest.com