Hamburger Mexican Casserole

Bolner's Fiesta Extra Fancy Hamburger or Ground Meat Seasoning 4 Flavor Variety Bundle: (1) Chipotle Hamburger Seasoning, (1) Hamburger Deluxe, (1) San Antonio Style Quick Chili Mix, and (1) Carne Guisada Seasoning For Meat Tacos, 5-7 Oz. Ea.

by Bolner's
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  • Works wonderfully with ground beef, turkey, chicken or pork
  • 4 great recipe starters solve the "What's for dinner tonight?" problem
  • Perfect housewarming or any time gift

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If you're craving that classic chili flavor but don't have hours to spare, Bolner's Fiesta Brand Quick Chili Mix is just what you need. Simply stir ¼ cup of Bolner's Fiesta Brand Quick Chili Mix into 1 lbs. browned meat with 1 cup of water and a can of diced tomatoes then bring to a boil. Reduce the heat and simmer the chili until you are ready to serve it. It is as quick and as simple as that! Chipotle Hamburger is a delicious blend of smoky chipotle pepper and complimentary flavors like garlic and onion - the perfect seasoning for a grilled burger. The flavoring for this spice comes from real chipotle peppers, a staple of many southern-style dishes including Mexican food and Texas BBQ. Chipotle Hamburger is the perfect way to add some unique flavor and just a hint of heat to your favorite burger. Use it on steak and smoked meats to bring out the natural flavor of the meat. Chipotle Hamburger spice can also be combined with olive oil to make a flavorful marinade for grilled meats. A hamburger made with Hamburger Deluxe will be bursting with flavor. This seasoning blend is the perfect way to bring out the flavor of hamburgers as well as your favorite grilled meats. For maximum flavor, season your meat with Hamburger Deluxe thirty minutes prior to cooking - this will give the spices time to blend with the natural flavor of the meat. You can also whisk together a little bit of Hamburger Deluxe with some olive oil and Worcestershire sauce to make an all-purpose marinade for red meats. Our legendary Carne Guisada seasoning creates a rich and robust stew packed with tantalizing spices and melt-in-your-mouth slow-simmered beef. Considered a main ingredient found in many Mexican and Puerto Rican dishes, as well as Guatemalan cuisine, this delicious seasoning can be used to season pork and/or beef, and is often served with rice, tortillas, guacamole, and cornbread.

Mason Cash Classic Kitchen Stoneware Casserole Dish, 85-Fluid Ounces, Light Blue

by Mason Cash
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  • Design inspired by the kitchens of mid-19th century manor houses; ideal for cooking family stews, hot pots and casseroles
  • Generous size and shape makes cooking for large parties simple; tight fitting lid locks in heat for even distribution
  • Made from high quality stoneware that's durable, scratch resistant and easy to clean; Light Blue

Product description

The Mason Cash Classic Kitchen range is inspired by the kitchens of mid-19th century manor houses. Each shape is specifically designed for the task at hand - from creating quaint classic desserts to large family meals - and is a tasteful addition to any kitchen.

The Classic Kitchen Casserole Dish is perfect for stews, hot pots and casseroles. Made from fine quality stoneware, it is durable enough for daily use. With a capacity of 85-fluid ounces, creating family sized meals is easier than ever. Item measures 10-inches in diameter by 6-inches high and is safe for dishwasher, microwave, conventional oven and freezer. Made in Portugal.

Mason Cash has been the choice of home cooks and bakers for over 200 years. Since its humble origins at Church Gresley, Mason Cash has been producing innovative, functional and effective kitchenware using the best materials available. Mason Cash understands your needs and expectations, which is why they continue to provide products that combine quality, function and design to create an everlasting experience.

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Its short menu, inspired by the beach street foods of Brazil, Portugal and California is eclectic Mexican with a twist. Snack-sized spicy It's for cooks who cherish fancy, frou-frou kitchen and table items like the bevy of chefs' cutlery, casserole

Beef Enchilada Casserole - Mexican Lasagna

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The Ultimate Casseroles Book

The Ultimate Casseroles Book

Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 2011

ISBN 9780544188501,0544188500
480 pages

You'll never run out of easy family-pleasing meal ideas with this massive collection of one-dish recipes New in the Ultimate series, The Ultimate Casseroles Book offers hundreds of ideas that make dinner a breeze with one-dish recipes that take the hard work out of prep-time and clean-up. These recipes suit every occasion with old-fashioned comfort foods like macaroni and cheese and modern fare like Baked Risotto with Sausage and Artichokes, from a quick weeknight spaghetti bake to a fancy egg strata for brunch. Packed with more than 400 hearty one-dish meals and more than 300 beautiful full-color photos, The Ultimate Casseroles Book is a great resource at a great price. The book features more than 400 recipes, including comfort food favorites, classic casseroles, and modern dishes fit...

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  1. Mexican Hamburger Casserole Recipe - A quick meal to throw together, easy to tweak to your spice level - try adding green chilies or using hot taco seasoning! Best served with tortilla chips ...
  2. Mexican Hamburger Casserole Recipes | Yummly Find Quick & Easy Mexican Hamburger Casserole Recipes! Choose from over 102 Mexican Hamburger Casserole recipes from sites like Epicurious and Allrecipes.
  3. Easy Mexican Casserole Recipe - This Mexican casserole recipe made with layers of tortilla chips, beef, and salsa makes a quick and easy dish that will please the whole family.
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Mexican Casserole
Mexican Casserole
Mexican-Inspired Hamburger Casserole
Mexican-Inspired Hamburger Casserole
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Easy Mexican Casserole
Easy Mexican Casserole
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  • RenateHarris Mexican Rice Casserole spicy tomatoes, taco flavoring, hamburger and rice make up this easy and fami
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  • Slow Cooker Mexican Casserole Ingredients:sausage, corn, cornmeal, eggs, mexican cheese blend, milk
  • Mexican Casserole Ingredients:cheese, vegetable oil, tortilla chips, chicken, salsa, water
  • Mexican Casserole Ingredients:cheddar cheese, chicken, milk, sour cream
  • El Dorado Mexican Casserole Ingredients:ketchup, cottage cheese, garlic powder, garlic salt, green chilies, ground beef, monterey jack cheese, onions, black pepper, olives, salt, sour cream, tomato sauce, tortilla chips

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