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Ateco 4937 Stainless Steel Large Pyramid Mold, 4.75 by 3.25-Inches High

by Ateco
Price: $10.07 Buy Now

  • Stainless steel
  • Use to make shaped ice cream and other foods and desserts
  • Professional quality pyramid shaped mold

Product description

Ateco's Stainless Steel Molds are a great addition to any home or professional baker's collection. Use these molds to shape ice cream, desserts, pastries and other foods. They are constructed of durable stainless steel. Since 1905, Ateco has supplied fine restaurants and bakeries with quality built, specialty baking tools. Ateco products are internationally renowned for their high quality. When you use Ateco products, you're not only enjoying quality craftsmanship, you're also enjoying quality design, the products are a result of over one hundred years and four generations of innovation and development.

Freshware SL-101RD 6-Cavity Pyramid Shape Silicone Mold for Soap, Cake, Bread, Cupcake, Cheesecake, Cornbread, Muffin, Brownie, and More

by Freshware, Inc
Price: $7.99 Buy Now

  • Flexible and Non-Stick. Baked Goods Pop Out Easily. Reusable For Up to 3,000 Uses
  • Mold Size: 11.7 x 6.8 x 1.6 inch. Cavity Size: 2.8 x 2.8 x 1.6 inch. Volume: 6 x 3 oz, Total 18 oz
  • Microwave, Oven, Refrigerator, Freezer and Dishwasher Safe. Temperature Safe from -40 to +446 degrees Fahrenheit (-40 to +230 degrees Celsius)

Product description

Create your own special desserts or homemade soaps with the Freshware SL-101RD 6-Cavity Silicone Pyramid Muffin, Cupcake, Brownie, Cornbread, Cheesecake, Panna Cotta, Pudding and Jello Shot Mold. This mold is constructed with 100% pure, professional quality food-grade silicone, which meets US FDA and European LFGB safety standards (BPA, PVC and Phthalate FREE). Simply pour your favorite recipe in the mold, prepare, and cool completely. Then turn it upside down, this flexible silicone mold offers a non-stick surface that allows the baked goods to pop right out with a little push from the bottom. Remember to place the silicone mold on a baking sheet for easier positioning and removal.

Mold Size: 11.7 x 6.8 x 1.6 inch. Cavity Size: 2.8 x 2.8 x 1.6 inch. Volume: 6 x 3 oz, Total 18 oz.

Many customers have found creative ways to use Freshware silicone molds (depending upon the shape) to create delicious homemade cupcakes, muffins, brownies, cookies, cheesecakes, quiches, breads, chocolates, candies, tarts, butters, caramels, ice cubes, frozen baby foods, gelatin, ice creams etc. Other customers use the molds in unique ways to create clays, resin casting, candles, soaps and more.

All Freshware silicone products DO NOT have Chemical Coatings and are Pinch Test Passed. Our silicone mold handles temperature from -40 to +446 degrees Fahrenheit (-40 to +230 degrees Celsius). Reusable for up to 3,000 uses, our molds save money by eliminating the need to ever buy disposable paper liners again. Safe to use in the Oven, Refrigerator, Freezer, Microwave, Steamer and Dishwasher. Top rack dishwasher safe, but hand washing is recommended to extend the life of the product.

What Is A Pinch Test? Cheaper brands often use plastic fillers in their silicone products, so it is not safe for high-temperature baking. Pinch and twist a bit of the silicone, if it turns white, it’s got fillers as 100% pure silicone will retain its color.

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The Providence Journal

Cost-Buster Cooking: Beat the heat with icebox cakes 07/15/15, via The Providence Journal

I like to use a springform pan because then it arrives at the table actually looking like a cake, but for rectangular cookies it's easier to use a rectangular or square pan. You can also use a loaf pan lined with plastic wrap or create a freeform


Read an excerpt from 'Trollhunters' 07/14/15, via USA TODAY

Most disturbing of all was the gigantic pyramid that dominated the room: bicycles, hundreds of them dissolving into rust, tangled together and reaching twenty feet into the air. Clusters of flickering fluorescent lights were bundled together with wire

Pyramid Pan Silicone Cooking Mat

shopnorthern. com/pyramid-pan/ to order the revolutionary Pyramid Pan Silicone Cooking Mat. Amazing Pyramid Pan Leaves Your Food Crispy, Juicy.


Fifty Cute and Easy Party Treats

Fifty Cute and Easy Party Treats

Published by Sterling Publishing Company, Inc. 2009

ISBN 1402763549,9781402763540
63 pages

Offers easy-to-create designs for children's birthday cakes--from mermaids to fire trucks to ladybugs--in a book with full-color photos that explains how use clever cuts, artful frosting and colorful candles to make 50 different cakes.

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7-Layer Mexican Tortilla Pie

If there's one visual trick that makes me want to eat a food, it would have to be layering. I don't care if it's a dip, a cake, or a sardine-ketchup pudding, if it has layers, it needs to get in mah belly. There's something so showy and almost whimsical about a stratum of food on top of food, like a circus pyramid or an awesome architectural feat. com recently and found that not only is there a Mexican entree I have yet to eat, but that it also has LAYERS, I knew it had won a spot on our weekly meal plan. While it may not be a traditional Mexican dish, this 7-layer tortilla pie is certainly a fun way to use Mexican flavors. And with its two types of beans (black and pinto), corn, and fresh tomatoes, I think you may actually reach your RDA of fiber in one meal by eating it. So check that off your bucket list. Place 1 tortilla in the bottom of a 9-inch springform pan (or a pie plate). Spread 3/4 c. of the pinto bean mixture over tortilla to within 1/2 an inch of the edge. Sprinkle with 1/4 c. shredded cheddar. Place another tortilla on top and spread with 2/3 c. black bean mixture, topping with 1/4 c. shredded cheddar. Cover with remaining tortilla, spread with remaining pinto bean mixture, and sprinkle with remaining cheese. Top with cilantro and diced tomatoes, if desired.

Source: A Love Letter to Food
Ateco Pyramid Pan Mold Perfectly Shaped - 2.25 Base x 1.50 high

Home & Outdoor

These wonderful molds add a new dimension to vertical and 3D cakes and foods. Pyramid molds are excellent for everything from baking cakes to molding and layering desserts and foods. Add a fun twist and impress all with the results from these beautiful molds To keep the tip from burning, turn your heat down by about 15 and your cook time should increase by about 15.


Flexipan Pyramid 3.04 Oz, 71mm x 71mm x 41mm Deep (2-3/4 x 2-3/4 x 1-9/16 Deep), 24 Cavities

Home & Outdoor

Flexipan 1585 fits in full-size (18 x 26) sheet pan. Flexipans have changed the way that pastry chefs work. The flexipan does not have to be greased and will still unmold without breakage. The non-stick quality also saves time and money. And because these flexible bakeware can be used at freezing temperatures, even frozen items such as ice cream, mousses, and aspics can be molded into any shape and be unmolded with ease. Flexipans are made with a combination of fiberglass and silicone. This allows the molds to be flexible, and gives them their non stick quality. The combination also gives the molds a longer life, making it possible to use them two or three thousand times before the first signs of sticking. The ease of cleaning also makes these flexible bakeware such a desirable tool. Our products conform to US regulations on food grade silicone, and are FDA, NSF, and Kosher certified. FLEXIPAN Is Recognized By The Most Famous Chefs, Patissiers & Chefs de Cuisine Can Be Used Within The Same Heat Ranges As Ordinary Metal Baking Trays Or Pans (-40F To 536F) Freeze, Bake Or Microwave In The Same Mould A Must Have For Every Professional Chef FlexipanCare Instructions Handling Flexipan can be used from - 40 to 280C (-40 to 536F). Work with the Flexipan on a tray or any baking sheet. Check to ensure the Flexipan is dry and clean before placing any dough or batter in it. It can be used in all types of ovens and does not need to be greased the Flexipan is anti adherent by nature. De-panning Baked items: Remove the pieces one by one or by gently lifting the Flexipan to allow them to roll off the tray. Frozen items: Peel the item out of the molds. Frozen items must be depanned two to three minutes at the latest after comming out of the freezer. Cakes: For cake molds, turn the mold upside down. Large cakes, especially sponge cakes, should be allowed to cool before attempting to unmold. Maintenance and Care Wipe the Flexipan with a damp sponge after each us


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Cost-Buster Cooking: Beat the heat with icebox cakes - 07/15/15, via The Providence Journal

Icebox cakes date back to the early 20th century ... You can also use a loaf pan lined with plastic wrap or create a freeform pyramid. In this last category, the cookies are arranged in a circle and topped with some cream so that the outer third of ...

Powder Keg: Strawberry saison cupcakes make taste buds happy - 03/20/14, via Summit Daily News

Recipe provided by Pyramid Breweries, with some small adjustments by Krista Driscoll. While waiting for the strawberry saison cupcakes to finish in the ... said to use a cooking spray directly on the pan, rather than using cupcake liners, so I complied.

The best angel food cake recipe ever: This no fat cake is absolutely delicious - 01/10/14, via Examiner

Angel food cake is ... your angel food pan and make sure that the beaters, spatula, and bowl are free from any grease or oils. It doesn’t hurt to wash them all and dry them thoroughly before beginning the process. If you don’t have cake flour, here ...


  1. pyramid cake pan: Home & Kitchen On The Journey - Ice Cube Pyramid Muffin Sweet Candy Jelly Ice Silicone Mould Mold Wedding Party Cake Baking Pan...
  2. Pyramid Cake?? Well, do you perhaps have half sheet pan? For pyramid cake you need only this - see attached picture. You bake it less then 2" high (you need to count the filling in ...
  3. Popular Pyramid Cake Pan-Buy Cheap Pyramid Cake Pan lots ... Buy Pyramid Cake Pan from Reliable China Pyramid Cake Pan suppliers.Find Quality Pyramid Cake Pan Home & Garden,Cake Pans,Cake Molds,Baking & Pastry Tools, and more ...
"Old Fashioned British Sweets From Your Childhood"
"Old Fashioned British Sweets From Your Childhood"
1953: Sweet rationing ends in Britain Children all over Britain have been emptying out their piggy-banks and heading straight for the nearest sweet-shop as the first unrationed sweets went on sale today. Toffee apples were the biggest sellers, with sticks of nougat and liquorice strips also disappearing fast. One firm in Clapham Common gave 800 children 150lbs of lollipops during their midday break from school, and a London factory opened its doors to hand out free sweets to all comers. Adults joined in the sugar frenzy, with men in the City queuing up in their lunch breaks to buy boiled sweets and to enjoy the luxury of being able to buy 2lb boxes of chocolates to take home for the weekend. Do you remember your favourite childhood sweets and the excitement of going to the local sweet shop and choosing from the vast array of jars on the shelves full of colourful mouth watering temptations? They were weighed by the quarter on a big old fashioned metal scale pan and packaged...
Photo by brizzle born and bred on Flickr
'My Supermarket Nightmare'
'My Supermarket Nightmare'
I just hate the whole supermarket experience My mum had all her groceries delivered from the local shop back in the 1950s. The shop keeper knew exactly what kind of bacon she had; he knew her and her likes and dislikes. This was before the days of bloody supermarkets. Small shops used to be meeting places for shoppers who chatted to each other while they waited to be served. They were the hub of communities. You do not even need to speak in a supermarket. In fact sometimes you do not need to have any human contact at all because you can swipe your goods and pay by machine. Every week it is the same. It’s all on the list and you navigate that trolley, with its perennially bent left wheel, up and down familiar, crowded aisles. At the end of the whole miserable process you stand in a queue, unload and pack the goods yourself, pay the cashier, hump the stuff miles to the car park and drive home physically and mentally drained. Do we really need to choose from twenty different makes...
Photo by brizzle born and bred on Flickr
Treasure Cakes
Treasure Cakes
... -Spiral-Pyramid-Cake-Pan-Tin-Jelly-Mould-Mold-50pcs-lot-great.jpg
... -Spiral-Pyramid-Cake-Pan-Tin-Jelly-Mould-Mold-50pcs-lot-great.jpg
  • Recipes
  • Pyramid Cake Recipe Ingredients:sugar, flour, berries, gooseberries, whipped cream, berries, eggs, honey, apricot, sour cream, zest, baking soda, vanilla extract, sugar
  • Moosewoods Six-minute Vegan Chocolate Cake Recipe Ingredients:baking soda, cake, cocoa powder, glaze, semisweet chocolate, salt, sugar, flour, vanilla extract, vanilla extract, vegetable oil, vinegar, coffee, water
  • White Almond Sour Cream Wedding Cake Recipe Ingredients:almond extract, lemon curd, flour, vanilla extract, salt, sour cream, sugar, vegetable oil, water
  • Strawberry Cream Cake Ingredients:butter, semisweet chocolate chips, whipped topping, graham crackers, ice, strawberries, strawberries, strawberries, water

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