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COMP Cams 82009 Bottle Valve Opener (Zex Custom)

by COMP Cams
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  • These products belongs to automotive
  • The product is manufactured in United States
  • The product is easy to use and highly durable

Product description

The product is manufactured in United States. The product is easy to use and highly durable. These products belongs to automotive.

ZEX Nitrous 82357 Safe Shot Nitrous System

by Zex
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  • Upgrade kit includes high-flow fuel solenoid, wet nitrous nozzle, tuning jets, stainless steel braided lines and other necessary components
  • Readily accepts all popular accessories like purge kits and remote bottle openers
  • Base Safe Shot System includes stainless steel hoses, high-flow bottle valves, solenoids and 5 lb. black powder coated bottle

Product description

The leader in street/track nitrous oxide systems develops a new way to safely add 15-35 horsepower to any EFI-powered vehicle in less than 60 minutes When it comes to street performance, cold air intakes and exhaust systems are typical upgrades used to provide a little something extra in the horsepower category. But what if there was a more powerful, less expensive alternative? The Safe Shot Nitrous System from ZEX offers an affordable option to gaining 15 to 35 instant horsepower, and it installs in less than an hour. In addition to low cost and ease of installation, the Safe Shot includes the quality components that ZEX is known for such as stainless steel hoses, high-flow bottle valves and premium quality, USA-made solenoids. The centerpiece of this kit is the 5 lb. black powder-coated bottle which is perfect for discreet mounting locations - making this the ultimate “cheater inch nitrous system. A completely self contained kit, the only additional part needed is a common hand-held programmer used to increase fuel enrichment for safely operating at the upper limits of the horsepower range. These push-button activated nitrous systems readily accept all popular accessories like purge kits and remote bottle openers. For those who are ready to upgrade to more serious horsepower, ZEX offers an expansion kit that turns the Safe Shot into a full-blown ZEX Nitrous System capable of safely adding 55 to 175 horsepower. The only “upgradeable inch entry-level nitrous system in the industry, the Safe Shot is guaranteed to surprise both you and your competition.

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Video: Watch Nissan set the world record for longest synchronized drift with ... 12/16/14, via eGMCarTech

Nissan celebrated some publicity recently after setting an official Guinness World Record for the longest synchronized “twin” drift with two cars. The attempt took place at the Nissan 370Z Drift Experience in Dubai, featuring two 370Zs that drifted


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DIY Remote Nitrous Bottle Opener Automatic Switch


Here is the switch I wired up for the remote bottle opener. I flip the switch and the bottle opens, I flip off the switch and the bottle closes.


How to Install and Tune Nitrous Oxide Systems

How to Install and Tune Nitrous Oxide Systems

Published by CarTech Inc 2015

ISBN 9781934709344,1934709344
144 pages

In this book, McClurg reviews the often-mystical subject of nitrous oxide injection systems with a level head and a clear purpose. This book educates the reader on the properties of nitrous oxide and most-effective way to design, install, and tune complete systems. A definite focus on safety and a need to answer the typical questions associated with the use of nitrous oxide is highlighted, and several complete installations are featured.

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Nissan celebrated some publicity recently after setting an official Guinness World Record for the longest synchronized “twin” drift with two cars. The attempt took place at the Nissan 370Z Drift Experience in Dubai, featuring two 370Zs that drifted around a track simultaneously next to each other without stopping. Nissan Middle East sets a new Guinness World Records title for the “Longest Twin Vehicle Drifting”. DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – Nissan Middle East today has set a new Guinness World Records title for the longest twin vehicle drifting. Two Nissan Z cars drifted around a track at the same time without stopping for 28. 52 kilometers. The record was set in the second attempt during the launch of the “Nissan 370Z Drift Experience” which will offer anyone the opportunity to learn and perfect the art of drifting. Speaking at the event, Samir Cherfan, Managing Director, Nissan Middle East, said: “With today’s accomplishment of setting a new Guinness World Records title, we have proven again the strength of our vehicles by adding another Guinness World... The Nissan Z is a very popular car in the drifting scene, and this new record is yet another proof on the ability of this car to make drifting look so easy. “Nissan 370Z Drift Experience” is a partnership between Nissan Middle East and the Prodrift Academy, which is carried out using Nissan 370Zs alongside the Prodrift Academy’s professional drift instructors in a safe and controlled environment. “Nissan has a strong focus on motorsports in the Middle East. Since safety is our priority at Nissan, we have partnered with the Prodrift Academy to provide a legal and safe platform for drifting fanatics in the region,” Cherfan added. Nissan Motorsports History. For nearly 80 years, Nissan has been pushing the boundaries of innovation within the Motorsports industry. Ever since its grassroots the Datsun NL-75 won at the Japanese Tamagawa Speedway in 1936, Nissan has developed some of the most recognized racing cars to have ever graced the track. Nissan’s global recognition came later in 1964 when it showcased its first Skyline GT in Germany, which then went on to overtake a Porsche in one lap during the Japan Grand Prix. It was at this point that the industry and the world began to start recognizing that Nissan’s innovation and technology was on par with the rest of the western world. With the world now watching, Nissan subsequently launched the legendary Skyline GT-R in 1969, which was a pioneer in racing automotive technology. It wasn’t long before Nissan had developed its signature turbo charged engine in 1979 and, upon realizing that it was possible to boost sales through competitive motorsports, launched NISMO for the first time in 1984. Since then the company has... In the region, Nissan Middle East has shone in motorsports through the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge with the Patrol by sponsoring Emil Kneisser who achieved great results, the successful yearly GT Academy initiative and now the latest addition of... Drifting fever has evolved since 2009, when the first regional drifting competition was launched. Mohammad Al Falasi, Managing Director of the Prodrift Academy commented: “Drifting has been a very popular sport among young people in the region, and we are extremely proud to be able to develop this sport further among the fans in a safe and... Our professional instructors are dedicated to transforming young talents into world class performers with the help of the iconic Nissan Z due to its controlling power. In August 2013, Nissan Middle East broke another Guinness World Records title when the Nissan Patrol demonstrated its strength by successfully towing the world’s heaviest aircraft.

Source: www.egmcartech.com
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Comp Cams 82390B Nitrous System Mustang GT Blk

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Nitrous Oxide System Mustang Nitrous System Mustang Nitrous System; Black; Incl. Bottle/Bracket; Everything For Easy Installation; 75-175 HP; TPS Switch; FEATURES: Easy Plug And Play Installation Active Fuel Control Monitors Pressure TPS Switch Ensures Wide-Open Throttle Activation Adjustable From 75-175 Horsepower Founded in 1998, ZEX designs and manufactures truly superior bolt-on nitrous systems and related components. We integrate advanced engineering technology and superior customer service to provide you with the ideal nitrous solution for any application. As a member of the COMP Performance Group, ZEX is able to combine R & D efforts for constant new product developments. Our innovative designs and custom-fit nitrous systems allow for easy installation and optimized performance. Patented technological developments such as our Active Fuel Control to adjust fuel enrichment with changes in the bottle pressure, now enable safer, more efficient nitrous injection for increased horsepower gains without sacrificing engine safety. In addition to nitrous systems, our product line also includes a full line of innovative nitrous accessories, spark plugs and much more. With ZEX's modern technology you can be sure that no power-adding option is safer, smarter or faster.


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  1. ZEX™ Remote Bottle Valve Opener - ZEX™ Nitrous Oxide ... Nitrous Add-Ons. Add-A-Stage Nitrous Kits; Bottle Heaters; Pressure Gauges; Programmable TPS; Purge Kits & Lights; Racer's Tuning Kit; Remote Valve Opener; Safety ...
  2. zex bottle opener | eBay - Electronics, Cars, Fashion ... Find great deals on eBay for zex bottle opener nitrous gauge. Shop with confidence.
  3. ZEX Mustang Remote Bottle Valve Opener ZEX-82009 (79-14 ... Convenient. A nitrous system only works if you can open the bottle. With a ZEX Remote Bottle Opener, you can flip a switch without ever leaving your-#ZEX-82009
Nitrous zex
Nitrous zex
Zex N2O Accessories - Bottle Opener www.autotunep.com/zex/zex-n2o-accessories-bottle-opener/g...
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ZEX Remote Bottle Valve Opener.
ZEX Remote Bottle Valve Opener.
ZEX Remote Nitrous Bottle Opener
ZEX Remote Nitrous Bottle Opener
Zex Hemi Wet Nitrous Kit Zex Remote Bottle Opener
Zex Hemi Wet Nitrous Kit Zex Remote Bottle Opener