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Killer Naked Bottle Opener: Watercolors

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  • All bottle openers guaranteed. Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back
  • Dishwasher safe, super durable, scratch resistant, colors won't fade overtime, Excellent finish
  • Perfect for professional bartenders or for the home bar use

Product description

The Bartenders Pro Speed Opener with a Full Color Custom Images on Both Sides! Also known as Poppers, Church Keys, Bar Keys, Blades, Flats or Mambas. Durable and attractive, these openers are designed for Professional Bartenders or casual home use. Available in many colors, styles and finishes. All bottle openers are made of solid steel and are water proof, stain resistant and scratch resistant! These are NOT stickers or transfers. Only professional top of the line custom artwork unique to Ink Correct. The finished product has the same look as a great as a custom paint job would look on a custom car or motorcycle. They have an awesome looking durable shine, perfect for use at work or at home. Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back!

YISHU Set of 5 - Key Chain Beer Bottle Opener / Pocket Small Bar Claw Beverage Keychain Ring

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  • Made of strong aluminum
  • Easy to carry. Easy to use. Easy to fit in pocket
  • 5 Pcs. - Key Chain Bottle Opener

Product description

This hand little bottle opener is ideal to be tucked away, or out on your keyring or keychains. So its always at hand when you need to open that bottle. Made from Aluminum. Also comes with the ring so can be attached to you keychain if need be Small and very light. Has a great style, so it looks good wherever you are! Easy to carry. Easy to use. Easy to fit in pocket Put it on your keys with the key chain ring Use "claws" for bottles and other hook for cans Made of strong aluminum Material: aluminum Actual opener length 6cm (8cm with ring) Ring Diameter 2.3cm