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VillaWare NDVLCB0100 600-Watt Blender

by Jarden Consumer Solutions
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  • All-metal drive system
  • Stainless steel blades crush through ice and frozen fruit with ease
  • Powerful 600-watt for all blending needs

Product description

To those for whom blending is an art form, the VillaWare Blender is the perfect choice. Elegant, yet very strong, our integrated blades employ outstanding variable power, giving you total control. The square format jar ensures a beautifully consistent blend, precision pouring and incredible results every time. No matter how ambitious your ingredients are, the Villaware Blender will effortlessly blend, mix, crush, grind or liquefy. Two year limited warranty.

VillaWare V5785 Smoothie Bar Blender and Server, Stainless Steel

by Villaware
Price: $69.95 Buy Now

  • Durable stainless-steel housing, drip tray, and blades
  • Stylish 7-cup smoothie bar for blending and serving smoothies
  • High and low speeds, plus pulse; smoothie stick included

Product description

7 cup capacity smoothee blender and server with smoothee spout to serve even while mixing. 700 watt pulse power. Stainless steel housing and drip tray. Includes Dmoothee Stick to break up air pockets and large pieces. Fits glasses up to 6 3/4" high.

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SAN FRANCISCO, April 7, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- What if a blender could suggest the perfect smoothie after a great workout? What if a slow cooker could explain a recipe step-by-step and learn the tastes of its user? What if any appliance could be easily 

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VillaWare® Blender


Green Smoothie Joy

Green Smoothie Joy

Published by Skyhorse Publishing, Inc. 2013

ISBN 9781620879719,1620879719
176 pages

Green Smoothie Joy is your easy-to-use guide for healthy green smoothies (and more!) at any time of day. It seems like everyone is turning to green juices these days whether it’s part of a healthy detoxing regimen, a love-the-skin-

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VillaWare V5785 Smoothie Bar Blender and Server Stainless Steel

Home & Outdoor

The VillaWare V5785 Smoothie Bar Blender and Server is a stylish 7 cup smoothie blender and server. The serving spout can accomodate glasses up to 6.75 high. Features include High and low speed settings, 700 watt pulse power, Stainless steel housing and drip tray. Includes a smoothie Stick to break up air pockets and large pieces. *Note for Customers Outside of North America. Some of our products use electricity for power. We sell electrical products that were made to work with 110V Electrical systems. If you live in a country that utilizes a different electrical system you may need to use a converter for these products to function. The act of using a converter automatically voids the warranty on these products.



  1. Blender at - VillaWare® | Food. Passion ... The VillaWare™ Blender performs blending tasks with ease as the stainless steel blades blend, crush, puree and emulsify ingredients for exact consistency.
  2. Blender - VillaWare When the VillaWare™ Blender is not in use, please wipe the outside of unit with warm water or stainless steel appliance cleaner, then wipe and dry.
  3. VillaWare® Blender - Model #BLVLLAZ05H One Blender. A powerful new blending experience. To those for whom blending is an art form, we are proud to introduce the VillaWare® Blender, now with the ...
VillaWare™ Blender
VillaWare™ Blender
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