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Learn 3D animation the easy way with this complete step-by-step guide

Blender For Dummies is the quick and easy guide to learning 3D modeling and animation using the popular, free, open source Blender software. You'll learn how to create models, animate movement, and render well-lit scenes as you master the powerful features that rival the more expensive professional animation software. This third edition is updated to cover the latest features added in Blender, including digital sculpting with dynamic topology, rendering with the incredibly powerful Cycles renderer, and more advanced simulation tools. You'll learn the shortcuts and tricks that make creating animation a reality for anyone at any level. The companion web site provides access to additional tutorials that give you the confidence you need to start animating quickly. This useful guide blends the functionality of a reference with the hands-on learning that develops your skills and understanding in a flash.

  •  Create 3D objects with meshes, curves, and surfaces
  • Add color, texture, shades, reflections, and transparencies
  • Set your models in motion with animation and rigging
  • Create expert-level scenes with lighting and camera placement

If you want to learn 3D animation, but don't want to spend thousands of dollars getting started, Blender is just the solution you need. Blender For Dummies is the ultimate learning companion.

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Blender 2.5 Planks Physics Game Tutorial - Part 1

Download links in Description. This is a tutorial to help you get started creating your own interactive planks physics game using Blender 2. 5. Blender 2. 5 (free.


Character Development in Blender 2.5

Character Development in Blender 2.5

Published by Cengage Learning 2015

ISBN 9781435456266,1435456262
496 pages

CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT IN BLENDER 2.5 provides an introduction to both Blender and character modeling, explaining the various Blender tools and how to use them to create amazing, believable 3D characters. Providing both the how and why behind each new tool

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The Sudden Urge To Blend

The other day I had a sudden urge to figure out the new Blender. A few years ago I spent some time with Blender, and learned how to use it at a basic level. I first learned to use Python by writing a file exporter to export from Blender into my engine. But that was version 2. 49. When version 2. 5 came out they changed the interface. I tried to find some tutorials on how to use the new interface but it was hard to separate between tutorials on the new and old versions, and I was too busy to put the time in. But for some reason I decided yesterday to try again. It took me a while to get Blender's camera controls to play nice with Ubuntu, but eventually I was able to get it running smoothly. I found a nice simple tutorial on youtube, and the result was this:. I think it will be easier to use. I might have to dig out my old file exporting script and see if it works with the new Blender, but since my engine isn't running at the moment I think that can wait. I'm going to continue following tutorials for a while and try to reach a higher level of skill with Blender than I used to have (well, I'm going to try. I'm way too busy and have way too many hobbies these days). It would be nice to be able to turn out some simple animations or something. One thing is to try to create a generic character "layout", so that it's easy to mod by adding characters that follow the file format and description. A much more ambitious idea is to take that a step farther and create a generic human mesh. That mesh could be modified to be any male or female character as long as the vertices were only moved around a bit and none were added or deleted. I think there would need to be some redundancy in the mesh to make it easy to modify, but the idea is then that clothes etc can be modelled separately, based on the default mesh - the idea is that the clothes are "anchored" on vertices that do not... Then the engine can easily add any clothes to any model and they should fit fine, by simply fitting to the standard vertices. The idea of course is to have a character customisations system. This idea is not particularly well thought out I suppose - I haven't done any research or anything - so it probably won't be all that simple in practice.

Source: SoulSamurai

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Blender 2.75 delivers a boatload of cool features and bug fixes - 06/17/15, via

When Blender got the ability to "animate everything" in the 2.5 updates a couple years ago, the existing dependency graph handled it adequately, but was slow, would fail in some cases, and would report cyclic dependencies where you didn't think there were any.

PC Build for Unity, Blender and gaming - 05/13/14, via Tom's Hardware

I want to make a middling powerful PC which can run easily current games and Help me with blender rendering (I will use it for indie game development too) . Now I came up with this configuration. This looks good enough. Also things to note is I am going to ...

High school students learn how to use open source Blender - 05/07/13, via

We teach both young adults and adults by working directly with them in the classroom. One of the employees there, Nicholas Sceusa, is a 3D animation expert and Blender enthusiast. Here is an email interview I did with Nick to learn more about how he ...


  1. Tutorials - - Home of the Blender project ... This Blender 2.5 modeling tutorial shows you the basics of modeling a entire building exterior from photo references. Modeling a Human Head Base Mesh. In this ...
  2. Blender - Official Site Home of the open source 3D graphics and animation software. Official Blender downloads, galleries, conferences, tutorials, and links.
  3. Blender 2.5 Basic tutorial, The Mug Blender 2.5 Tutorial, describing the process of modeling a mug then animating its rotation, this is to accompany a recent article in issue 4 of the New ...
Blender Basics Part 5 - Understanding Materials Part 1 on Vimeo by Hans B Erickson
Blender Basics Part 5 - Understanding Materials Part 1 on Vimeo by Hans B Erickson
In this session I will discuss the first half of the material panel in Blender 2.5x to include the options available for general settings, material slots, saving and editing materials, shaders, and extended shading options. I will continue with the rest of the material panel in part 2 at a later date. A PDF version of this tutorial is available for download at my site Watch this video on Vimeo. Video created by Hans B Erickson.
Photo by hansberickson on Flickr
Part 04 - Blender Basics - Material Library on Vimeo by Hans B Erickson
Part 04 - Blender Basics - Material Library on Vimeo by Hans B Erickson
In this Blender 2.5 Basics tutorial I show how to build a material library and how to use it and the advantages of using it with material linking. Watch this video on Vimeo. Video created by Hans B Erickson.
Photo by hansberickson on Flickr
Week 2 - Rocks
Week 2 - Rocks
My finished result of the Nature academy Tutorial Week 2. Completely made with Blender 2.5.
Photo by Squareys on Flickr
Tutorial Material Blender 2.5: Avorio
Tutorial Material Blender 2.5: Avorio

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